"What is BattleFit Markham Bootcamp?"


BattleFit Markham Bootcamp is the exciting new Markham Bootcamp that's changing the lives of people just like you.

It is the #1 FUN and FRIENDLY Markham Bootcamp that uses the most EFFECTIVE methods and exercises to help you lose weight, tone up, and get into the Best Shape of Your Life. 

Our Bootcamp will take you Step-by-Step through a system that will transform you into the healthiest, leanest, strongest version of you! 

And now you can try it out for FREE!


Markham Bootcamp Rave Reviews


Fiona Says:

"Going to these classes really helped me find out that I'm capable of doing things outside of my comfort zone.

The teachers here are really nice, and they make a lot of jokes so it makes the whole class really fun and entertaining.

The first class was really hard, but after a while I realized that I really enjoyed it and it motivates me to be more healthy and more active." 

Jeff Says:

"There's three things you should know about (this) bootcamp.  First, is that you're gonna gain self-confidence, and feel really good about yourself doing the blend of martial arts that's incorporated into the training. 

Second, you are gonna become super, super fit!

And finally, you are gonna be working with the best possible trainer out there!"


PAM Says

"The bootcamp is great!  It's my favorite class of the week and I made sure I was there every single week because I loved it.

The boxing is still my favorite part. When I first started compared to even the last couple of weeks:  my technique has improved, my speed has improved, my breathing has improved, and the big thing is my confidence has improved!

I come out after an hour feeling great, and that's the best thing about it - you feel great after you are done!"


Lisha Says:

"I did the 6 week bootcamp and really enjoyed it.  

I learn so much. The instructors are so nice, so awesome.  I sweat so much! It's the best workout of my week!  Of my whole month actually! 

It's really great and really fun!  Come in and take a class and you'll definitely really love it!"


Sandra Says: 

"I definitely recommend it! I'm not an athletic person, but in this place, everyone is welcome.  It's fun.  It's inclusive.  The staff make you feel really comfortable.

But they still push you really hard and you definitely get your full workout! It's a killer workout and you learn some really great practical skills that you can use in your every day life. 

So I definitely recommend it. You should do it!" 

Enwen says

coming soon

"BattleFit Markham Bootcamp is the BEST Boot Camp to help you Lose Weight And Get Fit for Life"



  • Having a flat, sexy stomach (get rid of that spare tire forever!)

  • Being able to eat what you want (no more unhealthy diets!)

  • Having a lean, fit, sexy body (turn heads! make all your friends jealous!)

  • Being stronger, faster, and healthier (don’t just look good, FEEL good too!)

  • Looking great, no matter what you wear (look good in clothes and naked! Yup)

  • Looking TEN years younger (the true fountain of youth)

  • Making new friends and having fun every week

  • Looking forward to fun, fresh, invigorating workouts every week

  • Having more confidence

  • Being a lean, mean, fighting machine!

Sound exciting?  Then click on the button below, or keep reading to learn about how YOU can accomplish this with our revolutionary training methods:

“BattleFit Markham Boot Camp uses revolutionary MMA and Kickboxing movements to blow-torch fat off your body and transform you into the  HEALTHIEST, LEANEST, STRONGEST  Version of YOU!”


Fitness is one of the main benefits of martial arts. In fact, MMA and Kickboxing martial artists are some of the fastest, strongest, leanest athletes around.  Not to mention, flexible, coordinated, and agile

Everyone wants to look like a NINJA, but not everyone likes getting punched!  So we’ve come up with an all new, super-effective MMA Boot Camp program! We’ve taken out all the dangerous elements of MMA and Kickboxing workouts, all while keeping the most effective fat-burning, strength building, and cardio-blasting parts that make them so effective.

Next, we added, the best-of-the-best, cutting-edge fitness exercises that give you maximum results. And we’ve turned all this into a fun, high-energy, fitness-focused, Boot Camp that is safe for everyone to enjoy.  You’ll never get punched, kicked or thrown in our workouts, so you don’t have to ever worry about getting hurt.


“You get all the amazing results, without any of the unpleasant pain”


  • MMA-inspired workouts = fun, skill building, functional exercises that are never boring. No running on a treadmill, or doing pointless jumping jacks like some other boot camps

  • Every exercise is designed with a function in mind, not just for looks.  So, not only will you burn fat off your body, you will also be getting stronger, faster, and more agile

  • More effective than other workouts:  We use the best science to help you get the maximum fat burning and strength building results in the minimum amount of time. Our classes incorporate things like: 

    • High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) (burn more calories in minutes instead of hrs. Efficiency!)
    • Active Rest Periods (help reduce soreness and prevent injuries)

    • After-Burn Effect (can help your burn 3x the number of calories, for up to 36 hours after each class)

    • Tabata Protocols (develop killer cardio so you never run out of gas)

    • Muscle Confusion (never plateau and always keep making progress)

    • Super Setting (get the maximum workouts in the shortest time)

    • Plyometrics (develop speed and power!)

    • Functional Movements (don’t just look good, get stronger too!)

    • And more!

  • You will become a part-time NINJA: you'll learn how to punch, kick, jump, dodge, move and generally kick ass better, faster, and stronger

  • Gain confidence that is more than just skin deep. In addition to looking good, you will develop a confidence and fighting spirit from hard workouts and learning actual fighting skills

  • You’ll learn REAL moves, and learn them RIGHT, from one of our Battle Fit Boot Camp instructors. All of our boot camp instructors are REAL MARTIAL ARTISTS and fitness professionals with years of experience.  (We don’t do what other boot camps do, and use “fitness kickboxing” instructors that got a weekend certification, but have terrible form and don’t actually know how to fight. If you’re going to put in the time and energy into learning how to punch, kick, and move, you might as well learn it right!)

  • We have a progressive system based on fitness level AND skill.  Other boot camps only focus on your fitness level. But everyone’s fitness progression slows down eventually, and when that happens, all the jumping jacks, burpees and other fitness exercises can get stale. In contrast, at Battle Fit Boot Camp, your workouts will never get stale. We make sure your workouts always push and challenge you, and we also work on your MMA and kickboxing skills. This is key, because your skills are something you can continue to improve for years, even decades. So you will never get bored, and the motivation to keep improving, and thus keep exercising and staying in shape stays with you.

  • You'll have community support: work out with friendly, supportive, like-minded people. Every little bit of support helps, and joining a group of positive, happy boot campers like yourself, makes staying committed to your workouts a whole lot easier!

  • Get the best coaching! We have some of the best staff around.  Our friendly trainers will help you every step of the way.  We will show you the right exercises to do, and how to do them properly. And we will challenge you to give your best effort, every time!


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